April Cleanse 2022

Well done beautiful people you’re here! You made it! Did you think ‘Yes I deserve to do something for ME?‘ or maybe ‘Holy crap it’s time I started looking after myself?‘ or… are you more like ‘I need help to push through the old life patterns (my old shit) and this could be it?’ Well, this is it! you are here, you are amazing and you now need to commit to the life you were born to live.



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Return to Essence

– Community meeting #1 –

10.00amNZT – Sunday 27 March

We are so excited to be running this cleanse around the theme of returning to essence. The cleaner our body, the more open we become to freedom of movement, thought and energy. In this amazing body-focused cleanse we will be making major enquiry into the state of our nervous systems (our energetic body) and will discover how we can soothe ourselves into a coherent state which is receptive to higher frequencies and deeper states of awareness. This cleanse has so much.

If you don’t know me already I’m Anneliese and I adore this journey and I love taking it with new and interesting people like you. I’m a Yoga teacher and a healthy lifestyle coach. I have created this wonderful course because I wanted to get happier and healthier myself and now I want that for you… I really really do.

Want to know more? Have a snoop around the website or pop over to our cleanse page for more info.

The total cost of cleanse is $465 NZD and planned payments can be arranged, a deposit of $99 guarantees your place on the course. 2021 Is the only year it will be at this price.

THOSE WHO COME ON AND PAY THIS PRICE WILL BECOME FOUNDATION MEMBERS – A foundation member means you will only ever pay this price for life as long as you do one cleanse per year. Get on at the ground level and become a cleanse foundation member.

The April Cleanse – Early Bird

Ends Feb 17 – Let’s get this started right here, right now. This powerful cleanse sets you up for the lead up to christmas and new year like nothing else. Welcome on board, it will be so much fun.


Tickets also available on eventbrite

I’ve learned so much about healthily supporting my emotions and body through nutrition. Orla and Anneliese have made this an enjoyable, pleasurable journey of self-discovery. There are challenging times within the cleanse where you come face to face with yourself but that’s where you find the grit and as a result, the light. I also happen to have lost all the baby weight, finally, 6.5 years on and I’ve honestly never eaten so much in my life as I have on and since the cleanse. It’s been such a pleasurable experience that I won’t be going back to dairy, caffeine or wheat.‘ Gráinne Mulligan

The April Cleanse

Let’s get this started right here, right now. This powerful cleanse sets you up for the lead up to christmas and new year like nothing else. Welcome on board, it will be so much fun.


Tickets also available on eventbrite

‘(I enjoyed) Allowing time and space for myself during this cleanse, reasserting boundaries, Being the hero of my own journey, superhero of curiosity as opposed to sitting in judgement‘ April 2021

“Many shifts occur for those who choose to take this journey… It is not always easy but it is worth it.. it is valuable and beautiful to be a part of a community of people who want to do real work on themselves. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to be part of this April Cleanse.. what I have learned will stay with me forever. I would highly recommend this journey to others in the future.” Rhiannon Clark

Cleanse journey master with Anneliese

Take the journey into your greater nature with your expert guide. Anneliese not only knows the ins and outs of cleansing, she is a master guide of the soul embodiment journey. Where are you at truely and where are you going? Cleansing is perfect to assist this journey of integrating the soul and the lessons of the soul. Taking this journey will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Council is provided the whole way through the cleanse with one on one time every week to assist you work through a programme of spiritual and physical upgrade. Cleanse price included.


Tickets also available on eventbrite

A fabulous course with positive energy. Everyone is super supportive and the journey amazing. The soul gets a shake up and awakening.’ Stella Misa

“The combination of skills, personalities and deep connectedness of these two beautiful women made this April Cleanse community a phenomenal experience. They provided such a safe space: no ego but just serving of the spirit of each of us for the good of the collective, which meant that we all strove to go beyond ego in our own journeys. They also trusted us and acknowledged our journeys with a still witnessing and incredible joy, thank you Anneliese.” Holly Vaihu

“As a first time cleanser, I appreciated the timing and holding of this cleansing process taking place. An invaluable experience that is highly recommended for all that are interested in their own spiritual and physical wellbeing and growth.” Ann

Plus One

This is a full ticket for a partner or friend that accompanies a full paying ticket.


April Cleanse (deposit)

This secures your place in the cleanse and allows you to make four payments during the cleanse programme. Full payment is due by April 1


COVID19 – Cleanse discount

This offer is for those directly impacted by the CORONA virus. This includes those whose income has been severely affected. NOTE: You will need to sign a declaration. We have opened up the multi buy option so you can also assist your nearest and dearest.


Other things people have SAID about the month long cleansE programme.

*I enjoy eating healthily and now I can pinpoint my emotions. Mind blowing results

*The Beautiful group meditations and zoom workshops.. The visualisations and the Wonderful acceptance of all of our states of being within the group… Orla and Anneliese’s wonderful holding of space.

*I learnt a lot more about detoxing, am open to participating in groups more as would normally shy away from group stuff, feel more confident regarding what I can achieve and different ways to do this.

*The insights that I gained of my own self through this process and the importance of respecting and honouring the physical self. How this transpires to the interconnectedness of all physical beings.

*Allowing time and space for myself during this cleanse, reasserting boundaries, Being the hero of my own journey, superhero of curiosity as opposed to sitting in judgement,

*Tips such as habit stacking, listening to where in my body I can feel emotional hurt and then breathing it away, palm on forehead for energy and calming, connecting with higher self

*I realized how much sugar I was eating, and how much caffeine actually affects the body. I also found the meditation to be a good practice that I should implement more

*Habit stacking, meditation is a must, journal great