‘I am, you are, together we make beautiful music…’


My Joy Body is the umbrella name for the work of Anneliese Kuegler.  Anneliese is a qualified Yoga and embodiment teacher, regenerative designer and medicine woman, she has made these arts a major part of her life’s work.

She is honoured to be a student under some of the worlds best teachers and prides herself on being a good vessel for passing on truly inspired knowledge. As a teacher and facilitator in her own right Anneliese is  inspiring, compassionate and a caring, she holds the good of her students and clients over and above all else.

Anneliese is currently working in the forefront of the regenerative design movement with her work with essence based living and the regenerated being.

It should never hurt, it should feel fantastic.

Breath be human, Be.

Stop, Look , Listen, then cross the road.

Build bridges in the body and the mind.

The glory of stillness rests in each movement,

Each movement is connected to all movements,

It should not hurt, It can be beautiful

Inhale, energy, space,

Exhale, relaxation, peace, contentment

Smile, Laugh, Sigh…




“The best presentation of the festival

N Rhodes, NZ Spirit festival