Anneliese is a powerhouse of information and energy, a fantastic teacher, mentor and an inspirational cleanser. I felt like she was in the room speaking directly to me and I felt heard. She held full focus for each member throughout, I’m stronger for having met her

Gráinne Mulligan

Welcome to the magical story of your life, where everything is medicine and you are the author of the Epic human experience. Cleansing, moving, stretching, dancing… mobility, activating, reclaiming and healing the body.

The breath, the nervous system, the digestive system and the mind.

Consciousness, emotions and nature.

Spirit, superconsciousness and interconnectivity of all things

These are the realms of our human experience and the subjects I teach and guide people into and through. I share the practical tools, and encouragement you need for liberation, whilst make the communities one needs to truly grow into and through all these aspects of life. The pure joyous flow of life is waiting to enter your life and all your relationships… You just need to believe it’s there and I’ll show you how to do the rest.

Anneliese Joybody Kuegler