Yoga verbs: An introduction to the principles that support safe Asana practice.

Align, Activate, Stack, Yield, Push, Reach, Breath, Lengthen, Broaden, Release, Tone, Support, Lift.

by A KueglerThese words I hear myself say over and over again. In fact each and every verb can be applied to almost every transition and asana. These relate to fundamental principles of movement as well as the instigation and support there of. Once you understand these it is amazing to see how asana changes. I find myself applying these and then watching the intelligence of the body take over. Asana becomes effortless.

‘Yoga is a journey, and with most journeys it helps to have clear directions and know how to drive the car, ride the horse or fly the hot air balloon.’ L Lovegrove

‘The mastery of asanas occurs when practice becomes effortless.” Patanjali

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