Mantra, Mudra and Nirdra

Mantra, Mudra and Nirdra

Have you heard yourself lately? Actually listened to what you are telling yourself daily. Self talk, the inner dialogue and how we perceive ourselves is so interesting to observe because it sets up all our relationships and becomes our reality.   Once we become aware of how unkind we can be to ourselves we can intentionally change the patterns. Reprogramme the system. Upgrade!

But how? By changing the channel…

Ive been teaching yoga for 20 years and I’ve discovered how powerful affirmations can be, we call it ‘Sankalpa’ and it is used to tell the body and our being what state of consciousness to be in. What makes this different from simple affirmations is we put Sankalpa into the physical body. The ‘Mudra’ is the physical way to lock it into the body. Mudra is a gentle yoga pose held for duration. This is cellular/neural reprogramming. It works.

The most powerful part of this is combining it with Nidra, yogic sleep. This is a process of relaxing so deeply that the mind becomes completely open to suggestion. Then the Mantra or Sankalpa is dropped into this space and the mind takes it in at the deepest layers of receptivity we have.


This is special and deeply profound work, you will be changed.



I am running small online workshops on the power of Mantra and how to find your personal medicine in the form of an affirming sankalpa affirmation. Come and experience what I do. There is no expectation of participation, no experience needed, just a desire to be there and a desire to want to start living better.


Please check out my Facebook for more about me and what I do.

The first workshop is Monday 15th October

8:30 NZ time

(This is my first online workshop so I’m only asking for donations for my crowd funding kickstarter project ‘Gestures of…’ )

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