Sweet #sweat

Sweating is an essential part of our bodies #detoxification process.  Once my friend told me that she’d been to the doctor and the doctor asked the last time she’d ‘got a sweat up?’ She responded with ‘Why?’ To which the doctor informs her that her could tell from the look of her skin that she doesn’t sweat much.  Needless to say she was mortified and now, no shit, is a long distance runner.  

Sweat is important to #skinradiance, but its also hugely important to clearing out the body.  Sweat actually binds with bacteria to rid the body of it.  AMAZING.  But there’s more, so much more.  In tests they have found that people who sweat more have lower heavy metals in their body.  Another thing sweat does is actually flush out PBA’s, you know the evil stuff in plastics.  Sweat also brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin, which can help acne and the healing of skin damage… whoop! 

One of the most obvious thing, but still worth considering, is that sweat usually occurs when we exercise and the benefits of exercise are many and well known.  Such things like, increase in #metabolism, increase in energy levels, blood circulation and #weightloss.  Talking about weight loss sweat also increases your bodies functional processes, so one actually burns more #calories.  So even if you’re in a sauna you are burning calories, just by making your bodies natural calling system… BUT you burn more when you exercise, just saying.   When we sweat we are also flushing lactic acid, so this means its great for #musclerecovery.  Oh yeah and #endorphins 

** I personally always have a sauna after a work out, #LUSH **

I guess its obvious, but it’s also good to recognise that skin is our front line organ of #immunity, so when we sweat we are cleaning our immunity tool.  At this stage I want to share something with yo’s.  When Im at the gym I shower (no soap) after my work out, but not after my sauna.  I also, as you may know, don’t wash my hair.  My hair is always in good shape even with sauna sweat in it, I mean really great shape.  My hair looks a million times better when the sweat has dried that the other ladies at the gym that wash, preen and blow dry their hair.  I SHIT YOU NOT! 

SO that’s your old mate aK on face dripping effects of sweat! Thanks for reading.  Please share around, cause it helps.

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