State changing

State changing.

It is possible to change how you’re feeling right now.  This is the piece of information I want you to have right now.

Your state of mind is your inner state and this is the emotional and intellectual content of your being right now.  I encourage you to expand that belief to encompass what is happening in your body as well as your mind.

Name it:

Take a moment to observe what is present.  Body, mind and emotion and if you can name it.  The physical vessel is usually the best place to start. Find the physical sensation and name it.  IN the body and also the emotions often CONTRACTION is the symptom we can observe and the cure is actually very easy. 

Interrupt the state:

There many ways that you can do this,  read on and find your unique way through and out.

Breath into it:

Breathing into the space of contraction.  In the form of physical contraction especially in anger we can breath into the contraction of the shoulders, jaw or diaphragm. This tells the body that it is ok and that we can stop producing cortisol and adrenaline, essentially that the the threat has past.  In respects to the emotional contraction of say depression or sadness if we breath space intot he collapsed and sunken sternum we get a lift and the spine becomes more erect, this is positive body talk and the brain will listen. 


Choose a new state.  This in the moment can be really difficult.  But in this state, right now as your reading this really draw into your being that you are the caption of this vessel, you have the capacity to navigate anything life throws at you and if you want to take it one step further… You have called this situation into your life to help grow you.  SO in a neutral stet of being make a list of all the good things you have going on, feel them.  This is your option when you hit the states you don’t want to be in.  Now this stuff can be hard so you can CHOOSE one of the following techniques relating to using your body to interrupt the state.

Use your body:

Actually leave the room you’re in.  This is really great and I find it works beautifully.  Our environment is to some extent an extension of our being.  We create patterns of behaviour within our home as well as within.  So disrupting our state can some times be as easy as doing something unpredictable, moving rooms or leaving where you are.

Shake it out.  Shaking actually helps to release blockages in the body and brings you into your body.  Perhaps this may even work for you before breathing, especially if you find that the breath is too subtle a way to connect.  Our mind holds energetic and emotional imprints in the body, this is cutting edge technology in the realms of healing trauma, yet it is very old knowledge from the ancient sciences.

Dance.  ‘If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing’ Its a proverb it must be true.  Try it even if its not pretty get your move on.  Blast the speakers and do it.

Walk.  This is by far the most accessible and easy way to change the internal programme. Get out, into nature if you can, and walk until you feel better.

Sing or hum. Humming and singing actually tones the vagus nervous which  promotes the activation of your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) So this is a great way to relieve tension.

Tapping and stroking. Tapping the body stimulates the movement of fluid around the body and stimulation of nerve endings.  Its a great way to wake up the body.  Stroking stimulates the production of oxytocin (the love hormone) and helps us feel better.  Do this for 3 -4 Minutes, or simply till it works.

Forced laughter. Our brains do not know the difference between forced and real laughter.  Pretending to laugh (it often becomes real)  causes the dilatation of the inner lining of blood vessels encouraging blood flow. It is also proven to reduce cortisol in the body (fight or flight hormones) and produces endorphins.

Return to nature:

This is really so important for our state of being.  The sounds of nature, the variety of depth of perception stimulated by looking through trees, the absence of technology all of these things and more add up to a healthy state.

Make a map:

When you try these things out, make a list of what worked.  This essentially will become your map out for next time.  We are complicated beings, true, but keep simple is resounding wisdom.  We are only an accumulation of matter responding with set variables. Again; you are the captain of your own ship.

Own it:

This state is not a freak anomaly, it is the result of previous inputs into the system.  So be honest what is the origins of your state of being?  Do you have an excessive intake of food or substances?  Do you exercise enough?  Do you drink enough water?  Do you tell yourself bad stories?  Have you got emotional healing to do?  DO you need help?  And so on… Whatever it is be honest with yourself, because then you can circumnavigate the unwanted states way before they happen. 

Please get help if you feel you need it.  If this article was interesting and you would like further assistance in health and lifestyle training please contact me at ‘My Joy Body’ 



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