‘I am, you are, together we make beautiful music…’


Anneliese is one of those people you don’t forget, she is scientist of the soul.  My Joy Body is her medium to touch and help as many people as possible.  She has a varied and diverse background from studying ancient eastern sciences and wisdoms to her current regenerative design work.   She is a speaker, coach, teacher and a lover of all beings.

A qualified Yoga teacher who has made this art a major part of her life’s work.  She is honoured to be a student under some of the worlds best yoga teachers and prides herself on being a good vessel for passing on truly inspired knowledge. As a teacher in her own right Anneliese is knowledgeable, compassionate and a caring teacher who holds the good of her students over and above all else.  Anneliese is a mother of two and is involved in the visual and performing arts.  She is the creator of the successful ‘Best Practice’ series of workshops being offered through out New Zealand, Seven souls online medicine journey, and MJB-Cleansing.



‘It should never hurt, it should feel fansatic.

Breath be human, Be.

Stop, Look , Listen, then cross the road.

Build bridges in the body and the mind.

The glory of stillness rests in each movement,

Each movement is connected to all movements,

It should not hurt, It can be beautiful

Inhale, energy, space,

Exhale, relaxation, peace, contentment

Smile, Laugh, Sigh…

This is a guide how to truly ‘up your asana.’



Anneliese on Yoga..

I believe the way I use and teach yoga is very complimentary to other methodologies. I have been teaching for many years and have studied with some very knowledgeable technicians of this science. I teach a relaxing and safe practice, this is key, i believe its more important to be where you are than to have a destination, especially in this world of fast everything These are metaphor’s for a real code of conduct. I also see many similar trends and characteristics in my clients, and I work to those needs. I am currently observing fatigue, lack of sleep, arthritis and cancer. I tailor my classes to observe clients conditions and needs. I use in depth research to inform my work.’



“Fantastic as always so glad we found your class.” P Gavin

“Had such an invigorating time at yoga, totally on the healthy buzz right now and gonna try and hold on to it real hard. You’re such a good teacher” H. Murry

‘A private little message here to say how much I enjoyed your class. It has been so long since I have done yoga and I totally dig your style’ N Mason

‘I loved it, I love the humour you bring and how you step straight back into instructor role, very professional’ A Osea

“The best presentation of the festival“ N Rhodes, NZ Spirit festival




‘I like to look at every new client as a crossword…