Vision board

Keeping a folder of images that uplift and nourish you is a great way to deepen your understanding of what you want in life. This simple practice is profound as it creates a potential reality for you to dream into being. It not a new practice, I remember meeting at girlfriends houses when I was a new mother and chopping pictures out of magazines. We drunck cups of tea and talked about our future… How beautiful.

If you are doing a cleanse of a time of intense practice keep this folder with a marked date on it, so it can be a reference point. Below you will see my ‘virtual vision board’ from a cleanse I did earlier in the year.

Its easy go onto google. Punch in some key words and copy the images that sing to you. I keep my folder on my desk top and from time to time I dig in and use it to uplift me.

I hope you like looking at my intimate and joyful vision board.

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