Best Practice – Personal Practice Workshops


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Tracey Murphy is an Art Therapist and movement facilitator who passionately for over 15 years now, works alongside all ages, genders, and in all manner of organisations, to help facilitate new pathways along life’s journey for others.



Yogasarita is the director of Yoga in Life, Auckland, New Zealand and a sincere intuitive yoga teacher with more than 10 years experience. She has a special interest in imparting techniques that will benefit those with mental health needs and in this area she is supported by her training and experience in counselling and teaching



Louise Taylor is a visual and movement artist, Tamalpa practitioner and bodyworker. She leads classes and retreats for adults and young people inside the studio and outside in nature. She is dedicated to the ‘living arts’ as a way to embody who we are, and become more ‘awake’ and aware as human beings. She studied movement based Expressive Arts education and therapy at Tamalpa Institute



Anneliese Kuegler is the owner of The Joy Body a holistic health based business based in West Auckland. She has 15 years experience teaching yoga. She has been involved in sacred ceremony and ritual where her focus has always been to bring the ‘sacred into the mundane’. She is dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness and bridging the relationship between humans and nature.



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