Injury and Golden Rule.

This is the, or should be the biggest topic in Asana dialogue or maybe in all of yoga. My first expression must be one of warning. Please if you are injured stop and listen. Why, how, where and what? Like moving into Asana, treat this injury like a journey, the answers clarify the more you listen. Let the answers be gentle. Teachers if a student has an injury you too need to stop and listen. This student may have no idea how to look after himself or herself and you could hinder not help. My instinct to injury is always seek private tuition. Really understand the ramifications of what has occurred and what it means for your yoga practice.

It is my experience that injuries can be for life. Always imprinted on your body.


The Yoga injury.

Yoga teachers are notorious for being injured during their practice. This is almost essential to understanding about yoga and the physical form and the way we are connected or disconnected with it. The injury is the teacher’s teacher. Please note MOST INJURIES HAPPEN MOVING IN AND OUT OF ASANA. What does this tell us? First and foremost it reinforces the old chestnut about journey not destination. It also suggests that we are susceptible to loosing support or attention to integrity in states of transition.

It is my golden rule that ninety nine percent of the time I transition on the exhalation. By nature this is when the core naturally finds a contracting and support is created. If this rule is applied YOGA CHANGES. Everything about yoga changes.

Other things to watch is that with flexibility comes destabilization. Make sure no part of the body ever carries weight with out muscular support.

The two main areas I see the need for attention are;

Back bends need frontal tone and elongation of the spinal column.

Pelvis openers need a small degree of lift around the tendons and fasha that is releasing.

To bundha or not to bundha?

I don’t know. The breath should have a natural stabilization on the structure, BUT if you carry any weight what so ever use pelvic lift and core as much as possible.   The breath cannot, in my opinion hold full integrity with excess weight.


Props are essential for the injured body. As a student don’t be ashamed to say NO to asana that contradict the relationship you have with your injury. And sometimes that means not doing the stuff you were really good at.

Yoga is for you and darling gem to help us live a more conscious beautiful life. Enjoy the lessons and savor the truth.

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