Hatha Yoga, Body Planes and Integration

Balance lies in the harmonising of opposing forces.

Stillness and MovementBodyPlanes

Action and none Action

Inhale and Exhale

Left and Right

The feminine and The Masculine

Flexion and Extention

Abduction and Adduction.

In a practice it is wise to know which side of you is more open and then let the ‘tighter’ side lead movements.  I lead front facing bends always with my left because I know the first side i work tends to invite more work than the side that follows.  And then the opposite (for me) is applied when working with stretches the are behind my body (that is opening the front).  This is a way I am introducing a greater BALANCE to my body.

Power Yoga and Restorative Asana.

‘Let me hear the subtle call, the call to act as is needed for myself and for the greater good’

Once we have found the narrow path of stillness between these two forces then what to we do?  a. Listen

Is this the time to become selfish so we can get selfless?  Or have we attained enough personal harmony to be able to quietly maintain whole integrity of ourself whilst helping to sustain the needs of the many?

What a beautiful time to be a practicing Yogi

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