Where the spirit inhabits the body: Supporting your journey of self-realisation through embodiment.

My Joybody is the place where you come to meet yourself. My courses are designed to be fun and gentle, brimming with kindness. Cleaning your body, focusing your mind, practising self-love, growing in your true creatorship… This is where I can help you expand and be accountable. Anneliese Kuegler.

Seasonal cleanses

MJB (My Joy Body) hosts two cleanses per year and they are in Spring and Autumn. The reason these are in the transitional months is not by accident.  We have chosen this very intentionally as these are the times our body is most receptive to change and susceptible to creating new patterns of behaviour.  Also, who doesn’t want a leg up on summer and an immunity boost for winter?

Kundalini Spinal Series

Introducing the Kundalini Spinal Series – Foundation 5-week immersion.

Although the Kundalini Spinal Series is a spiritual practice it can be used simply as a tool for regaining mobility and generating integrity of the physical form. 

Somatic Release Process

This is the bases of SRP, simply by observing sensation, we allow held traumas to safely move, dissolve or digest


My work is designed to bring you into a relationship with yourself and the journey that you are on.  I encourage embodied connection with yourself as the primary relationship in your life.  I invite you to challenge what feels uncomfortable and dive into it, understand it, illuminate it and then create something else. Mentoring is available in a stand-alone capacity and in concordance with my other courses.

Mobility & Core

Mobility and core – re-entry is a 5-week online course. Designed to help people come back into relationship with their bodies. Live classes daily for 5 weeks. We have five mornings Mon – Fri 6:30 am live class (videos are recorded and stored for later access) and a community meeting on Sundays 8:30 pm.

At-home cleanse kit

If you’ve done cleansing, fasting or detox you can know it’s not easy to go it alone. For some people joining the month-long cleanse programme we offer is too much time or money, we get that. So we’ve designed a comprehensive at-home cleansing programme just for you.

Three day fast

A little top-up to add extra health and vitality to your life. We offer three-day fasts on the first week of every month during 2022 – 2023.

Best Practice

What is a personal practice? This is what we do. It is how we recover, how we nourish ourselves, how we balance ourselves and how we consciously grow our lives. Personal practice looks different for everyone and to some degree, we all have one. These workshops and focus sessions aim to clarify what is already in your life as a practice and where this needs to go to refine it to the best practice it can be. No matter where you are… you too can have an attainable and rewarding practice.

Yoga Fundamentals

Designed for beginners and teachers. This is a course that anyone can do and everyone will benefit from.  Over 8 weeks I introduce you to the intelligence of practice informed by 8 moving principles… Breath, Yield, Radiate, Centre, Support, Align, Engage and Return. This is information every person who practices yoga needs to know.

” Anneliese is truly an exceptional human who brings honesty and realness to everything she does. With an immense kete of knowledge in the area of nutrition, sustainability, self-discovery, earth kindness and love, it is a joy to behold her fun, candid offerings that she shares with such freedom and grace. When Anneliese lights up, the earth glows.

Holly Vaihu

Let’s create something beautiful & Magical together.