Cleansing and Detox

OK you are ready to be empowered, to create positive and sustainable change right?! You just want to turn up the volume on health, connection, energy, fitness, clarity and vibe? Me too and thats why I have a cleansing protocol in my life. It means I can lead a carefree life, enjoy the finer pleasures and still keep balanced.

Your wonderful body is always cleansing and detoxifying itself, this is not a new, but by doing focused and deep cleansing practice you can assist this process and the rewards are exponential. What I want to share with you, the how. How can you engage with a cleansing regime that will keep you focused and have obvious and long last results.

I have been offering a face to face online class modality that utilises workbooks, workshops and community engagement for the last five years. This offering comes from years of study and enquiry into what works for people who struggle to ‘go it alone’.  One of the biggest things I’ve found is this. It’s hard it is to stay on track, keep focus and see things though alone.  For this reason I created these courses for you to receive continual information, support, community and most of all are encourage to SHOW UP, as you are and as you want to be.

Seasonal cleanses.

MJB (My Joy Body) hosts two cleanses per year and they are in Spring and Autumn. The reason these are in the transitional months is not by accident.  We have chosen this very intentionally as these are the times our body is most receptive to change and susceptible to creating new patterns of behaviour.  Also who doesn’t want a leg up on summer and an immunity boost for winter?

Custom made for you.  A month is the marathon of cleansing and you are encouraged to go at your own pace. We give you a choice of diets that meets you where you are and addresses your needs. Yes the ‘hardcores’ can run the whole marathon and yes we can help train you to become that athlete, but we all can start with a walking pace and increase intensity as we get cleanse fit.  In other words you choose what is right for you.  Below is a list of the things you can choose to do throughout the month, mix and match as you feel appropriate for you.

Choose your bassline diet: We have four and they meet all needs and deepen awareness to potential needs.

Eliminate and expand: This is the basic way to get through the month.  We eliminate the nasties, or lets say, less beneficial foods from our diet, and eat to the custom made healthy food plan.

Herbal supports: We can support you to find the right herbal medicine regime to encourage the ellination organs of the body to work better.  These can include pre packaged detox packs, bach flowers, herbal teas or herbal tinctures.

Parasite cleanse: This employs one of our stricter bassline diets and advise around herbal supplements.

Fasting: Intermittent, water, juice or broth.  1 and 3 day fasts are held as an option throughout the month.  Resting the whole digestive tract is so very good for us, it gives everything a rest and enables us to release and process any back log in the digestion track

Electronic cleanse: Ok its a paradox ! we expect you to come online and yet we are offering device abstinence as part of the cleanse.  Really its about awareness and moderation.

It’s not just about eliminating things, it’s also about increasing things too, we discuss the things that encourage optimum health and wellbeing.  I share the wealth of my food love and knowledge of self development. We look at personal practice and what will assist you to find simple ways to implement achievable practices into your life that will encourage the right kind of growth.  It’s such good work.

So how does it go?

  • A one on one consultation with me to get everything in line and to help you get clear about what your doing for the month. We plan about a cleanse plan that is tailored for your needs
  • You are invited to join our private facebook group where you can connect with your tribe that will be walking the path with you
  • Then the workbook of goodness is delivered each Sunday
  • A very series of special inspiration calls – workshops, where we implement techniques and ancient wisdoms used for decades by the best health gurus around the world to achieve best results. This helps you connect with your life and health goals and clear the crap
  • Community calls with our stunning tribe
  • Hot tips, recipes and more!

The actual value of this programme exceeds $880 and we understand why prices are this high, because it’s about valuing the experience and you creating a commitment to the content and ultimately yourself. Although we believe our package is worth this and more here at MJB and with Anneliese we know how it is and how it should be.  SO we’ve dropped the price for 2021 down to a cracking $365NZD.  I know right?! This is for everybody! There is always the invitation to our more affluent customers to pay more to show support of this world changing work.  Encouraging this type of beneficence  is part of a new movement to make health available, not just the rich, but to all of humanity.   #supportyourlocalyogateacher. Also to those who see $365 as way too much, we are here for you too, so when someone donates more, you get subsidy.  I will meet you where ever you are and raise you up… my promise.

We hope to see you on one of our cleanses and then on another and another, because this life’s work.   Keep becoming a better you and lets create a better reality together.

Cleansing conversation – new video!

Reflections from earlier cleanses