About Me

Anneliese Kuegler

A good friend and an excellent companion.


‘Anneliese is one of those people that is just happy to talk to everyone and can hold excellent conversations’.

Hi there, it’s me, Anneliese, let me start by saying I’m an open book and I care deeply about almost everyone I meet. I’m a people person. I have a wide range of interests and hobbies and I enjoy sharing.

I am educated to a bachelor’s level and hold many diplomas in a wide range of topics. I love life and am curious about everything. There’s not much that doesn’t interest me.

I enjoy the company of people who know more about topics than me as I am continually delighted to learn. I am a teacher of Yoga and health practices which means I have my own delightful basket of knowledge which I’m always happy to share with anyone interested.


I have a love of history and all things with a story

Health and wellbeing
I have a diploma in teaching Yoga and have a wellness business I run online. I love the body and find joy in using it as much as I can. Spiritual practices are rewarding to me and I love temples, churches and anything sacred.

Travel, Culture and Food
After travelling to Europe with my family at 15 I have a passion for foreign lands and cultures.

Get in touch

I am available to chaperone youth and be a companion to those who love doing things but prefer to do it with the company of an interesting friend. I am available to chat and meet with family members, but mostly I just love to go on adventures with people who understand quality and recognise beauty.


I am available for dinners and lunches during the weekend throughout New Zealand.

I can accompany you on adventures as short as a weekend and as long as a month including overseas travel.