Best Practice



A course of four inspiration seminars exploring and uncovering the best practice for your Personal practice –

This will be a body informed guided enquiry into the relevant and resonating needs of your whole being. The aim is to move into and maintain harmony through discovering best personal practice.

What is a personal practice? This is what we do. It is how we recover, how we nourish ourselves, how we balance ourselves and how we consciously grow our lives. Personal practice looks different for everyone and to some degree we all have one. These workshops aim to clarify what is existent in your life as a practice and where this needs to go to refine it to the best practice it can be.

“Retreat into the body and let it inform the moment, seek clarity and deep communication with what is the best practice for your personal practice.”

Anneliese Kuegler and co facilitators have tailored each workshop to awaken and inspire.  Sessions contain specialised presentations, Yoga Journeys, Meditation, integrating Journaling sessions, Movement, Breathing and more. These promise to be deeply nourishing and insightful.  The co presenters organised for this round of “best practice” Are leaders in their chosen fields and will bring a wealth of inspiration and wisdom to our time together.