Business Wellbeing

stengthen-the-mind-of-your-teamAs a drive to bring contentment, health and happiness into the workplace the JoY body offers “BEST PRACTICE” Workshops and programmes for staff at any level in your business.  The needs of each team member is taken into consideration and we walk together to find the very best programme for the individual.  Programmes for the whole team are available as another way to introduce wellbeing and a feeling of support and trust  within the business structure.

At the joy body we firmly believe the needs of the individual must be first meet.  The ability for the individual to hold mastery and happiness will always effect the collective in profound ways. How can we assist you

The 5 keys to wellness in the workplace as a practice attains to self responsibility.

-Health.  Hydration is key. Physical well being, diet.

-Attitude (of gratitude).  Personal development and self knowledge.

-Mindfulness.  The art of being

-Space. Break (and breathe).  Finding the spaciousness of being to be unaffected by stress and conflict.

-Connection (as nourishment).  Team building.

These five elements of healthy personal practice are introduced in a format that asks the individual to assess where they are at with these processes and where they would like to be in the future.  Then we work out how we can use various yoga and mindfulness techniques to implement the journey toward a happier persona and business.  How we deliver the programme varies from business to business.  Just as every individual has certain needs we realise each business has specific needs and wants.  Lets start the conversation today.