Classes / Courses

Beginners I and Beginners II courses

Joy Body Yoga offers very comprehensive beginner courses.  These are gentle and thorough offering the students a safe passage way into the world of Yoga.  Once you have studied with Anneliese you will understand how to be gentle with yourself and how to keep your body safe in any Yoga environment.  This is critical learning.



Anneliese Is not holding any public classes at present

Private Classes and personal programmes.

Changing the energy flow of your body, opening, strengthening and releasing can be done in your home, thus creating a shift in the energies of your personal surroundings.

All private classes are just that, a chance to consult and practice yoga in your home.  I can work with you in a therapeutic capacity, that is the planning and execution of restorative practice moving toward renewed health.  What ever you aliment I can help you by giving you the tools available in this ancient healing art.

Private classes can also be a way to gather confidence and create a platform of knowledge before attending public classes.

I am happy to discuss your needs and work with you in tailoring an individual class that works.

Prices and length varies.



Anneliese is available to take workshops and hold seminars through out New Zealand, her skills, knowledge and happiness is also a great addition to any conference or festival.

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