Somatic Soul Integration

Somatic: Of the body

Soul: Of the unseen eternal essence

Integration: Bringing together and uniting of things

SSI is a system that uses the breath to regenerate the physical form by firstly establishing the central core and accessing the bodies innate wisdom to heal itself through the breath. Can self healing really be as easy as breathing? Yes it can, modern science has proven time and time again that disease can stem from erratic or shallow breathing habits. Our breath is our life force and if its out of wack, we are out of whack.

Try this. Take three long breaths now. In the nose and slowly out through the mouth. How do you feel? What did you notice? You are actually one step closer to a deeper wellbeing!

So its just breathing?

No S.S.I is way more than breathing, but the breath is where it starts. A method called ‘Grounding’ is also employed and recommended by the practitioner. This techniques is simply taking off ones shoes and walking outside. This area of research is taking off in science at the moment, because the research that is coming back is startling. Click here for a fabulous website about grounding. Your practitioner will invite you to engage in grounding at some stage of the consultation. This is because we have seen the effects of grounding on inflammation in the body. You can see a movie about grounding here in the Earthing movie.

So its bare feet and breathing?

Not quite, each practitioner brings their own skillset to the technique. Your practitioner Anneliese Kuegler at My Joy Body brings her unique style of ‘body work to this practice’. She employes her training in Reike, Yoga teaching, Meditation, Visualisation, Thai massage, Nutrition and Acupressure to activate the above principals and unlock stored trauma and tension in the body. All practitioners will engage the HUM. Whats the Hum I hear you ask? Its literally humming. Humming allows the parasympathetic nervous system to be activated, and when our body is functioning from this modality we are able to heal. Its a fascinating subject to research or just ask your practitioner.

So what can I expect from a session?

Firstly expect to get relief and feel better. Every session is guaranteed to bring about a noticeable relief to the client. You can expect total safety and security. Our ethos is to ask your permission and listen to your needs. We want you to feel safe and we expect you to ask for what you need at any given time. You can expect to be asked to take off your shoes and go outside. If this is not achievable a physical connection to a plant, tree or your practitioner may be required.

You will experience in most cases some form of touch, this varies from practitioner to practitioner and to what you feel comfortable with. You will be asked to stand, sit or lie down.

In most cases you will be asked to lie down in a semi supine position, on your back with bent knees. This is form of opening and yielding that the body needs to do to integrate the work into the joint spaces.

Anneliese invites her clients to join her on the land she inhabits in West Auckland New Zealand, but does travel for those who need her to. She also has a few spaces available for her SOuth Island clients in the winter months of July.

‘ I gained so much from your workshop, a once in a lifetime thing thus far’.

L Morrison

‘A multileveled experience that removes blocks, attachments, armouring, repatterning the energetic field of being.  I was able to release… it was delivered to me through the hands of someone I felt totally held by, and this facilitated a huge shift for me.’

M Garner