Beach Yoga

Spaciousness and connection

This is more than yoga at the beach, it’s an experience that opens your senses, regulates your heart, breath and mind. This practice is designed to restore and regenerate bringing you closer to your true nature in Nature.

An hour and a half of Yoga and movement journey in nature. Combining choosings from various Yoga lineages including Hatha, Yin and Kundalini this class offers you a rich somatic experience. You will be guided into your body and invited to inhabit yourself and your environment in an intimate and compelling way.

About your teacher: Anneliese walks proudly with her whakapapa both genetic and of Yogic lineage embodied and represented in all she brings. It is her love of people and land that makes her classes so engaging when performed outside. Her years of teaching experience is obvious from the first asana to the last. Every care is taken to give each student safe, clear instructions whilst licensing each person to carve their own path into the somatic realm.

This practice is for everyone and everybody! If you want a rip shit and bust class go to youtube. If you want a reimagined intimacy with your whole being come with us. This is for bodies that have forgotten how to purr and bodies that love to purr. The entry-level student will be wide-eyed with the inner journey and the stillness offered in these classes. This class is a good reminder for teachers of Yoga that practice is more than asana, it is an awakening to presence and power. All students will leave feeling the impact of this journey.

“The body is fascinating, it is my university. Not one thing happens in the outside world that does not eventually land in my body. This is the experience I want to share with my students. I want to show them how glorious they are and what a privilege it is to have a body that can engage with a world such as this.” Anneliese

Beach Yoga – Spaciousness and Connection

Mahi – ticket Tuesday 7 Dec 8:30 Armour Bay. SPACES LIMITED to 9 students. Refunds available if you are unable to attend raincheck day.


  • Raincheck day is the following Friday

Please bring your own mat and towel or blanket. I have mats available for $10 please let me know if you want one.

Beach Yoga – Spaciousness and Connection

Atawhai – ticket Tuesday 7 Dec 8:30 Armour Bay. SPACES LIMITED to 9 students. This is for the person who cannot pay full price due to whatever reason. Thank you. Refunds available if you are unable to attend raincheck day.


-A gentle opening to the spaciousness of being as we connect to land, sea and sky-

COVID – for vaccinated and unvaccinated participants.

If you are exercising outside, try to keep a 2-metre distance from people who are not in your bubble.

Wear a face covering when you are not exercising if that’s your preference.

Do low-risk activities so you do not need rescuing or medical care. 

Do not go out to exercise if you have cold or flu symptoms or you have been asked to isolate. Use the NZ COVID Tracer app to scan in and keep a record of where you go.

Even if you have been vaccinated, you still need to follow the rules to keep everyone safe.