three day fast

Why not join us for a consistent top-up to health and well-being. Once you know the Joy body flavour it is something so sincere and joyful that you will want to come back. It’s a little top-up to add extra health and vitality to your life… And it’s fun We offer three-day fasts on the first week of every month during 2022 – 2023. This gives you…

Access to our learning portal with fasting information and a growing resource library

Daily motivation online morning practice space.

New custom meditation for every fast. (Consciously created to align with tides and needs of that month)

Community chat and forum group to keep you connected and honest

Choose your type of fast, water, broth or juice. Then prepare and commit to this fast. We will be there every step of the way. Hosted online

See schedule below.

3 day fast with

Jump in and join us for a weekend of restorastion and care.


3 day fast with a freind

Two heads are better than one. Bring a friend and share the experince with your cleanse buddy. Hey, why not book an Air bnb and call it a retreat. Lets do this thing.


5 Fasts during 2023

Commit to a great year of self care and doing loving things for your body. 5 fasts to be used any month during 2023. Enjoy keeping in touch with other people on the same wavelength as you. Show up for yourself time and time again. Make a difference by being consistant. (Gift cards available)


Dates for the three-day cleanse:


2 – 4 December


6 – 8th January

3 – 5th Febuary

3 – 5th March

7 – 9th April

5 – 7th May

2 – 4th June

7 – 8th July

4 – 6th August

1 – 3rd September

6 – 7th October

3 – 5th November

1 – 3rd December