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Starts on 16th May 2022.

5-week immersion programme

As we are heading down into the cooler months of winter here is a chance to keep the body and mind active, open and ready to receive the blessings of life. The Kundalini spinal series is my favourite movement practice bar none. It is so comprehensive and accessible to almost every body size, age, shape and condition. It invites us to sit on the mat, go inward and move in gentle ways that work the whole spine. At its shortest, it can be a 15-minute workout and when you have garnered the deep intricacies of this practice you will be able to activate and turn that 15-minute movement series into a powerhouse of effective body maintenance.

The series introduces participants to

Mantra: The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit roots; manas meaning ‘mind’ and tra meaning ‘tool’. As such, mantras are considered to be “tools of thought,” used as a means of focusing the mind and harnessing the thoughts


Pranayama: Prana translates into “life force energy,” and Yama translates into “control or mastery of.”), mudra (The term translates from Sanskrit as “gesture,”’ “mark” or “seal”. Used to control or direct the flow of Prana)

Bandha: A bandha is a lock or bind in yoga, which is performed in order to direct and regulate the flow of prana (life force energy) to certain parts of the body. Also referred to as an energetic lock, bandha was practised by yogis of the past to promote energy flow and maintain optimal health.

This is the wonderful world of Yoga and some of the key aspects may be unfamiliar to even the regular practising Yogi. It’s a wonderful way into personal practice and into the more subtle realms of the energetic body as well as generating more spinal movement. This is a great tool for teachers to have in their tool kit and for beginners to find their way into this amazing world.

Online immersion includes:

Membership to the exclusive platform for members only.

Course content explains the mechanics of the series and its benefits to the body.

5 workshops where we will practice deeply and have a chance to ask questions and share about the practice and its effects on our body and in our lives.

May: Wed 18, Wed 25, June: Wed 1, Wed 8, Wed 15 6:30 pm

Daily Sadhana space. This is a space to come and practice the spinal series via Zoom. There is no end to the benefits of rising early and doing something of great benefit for the body. You will feel the results daily in moods and feel the effects of overall strength.

Community via whats app thread. Keeping you honest and offering care and support.

Make this year a year full of wonderful things you did and starting now this could be one of them.

This course is a pilot and will be offered at a very low price point. With this course as in many of the courses, I offer the registration cost is to cover basic costs and at the end of the course, you will be offered the chance to pay dana, which is a gift that goes directly to the teacher for the time and effort put in by her, in this case, me. This is an amount that you feel is achievable and honours the body of knowledge you have received. You can read about this here. Dana, Mana, Yo Mama

Kundalini Spinal Series 16th May

A five week course introducing the power and comprehensive impact of this amazing series. Delivered online every weekday morning. This is the path to radical transformation and increased movement in the body. **This is a pilot course and price will not be repeated. This price is for registration. Dana is invited at the end of the course, this is a gift and goes to the teacher.


Fill out registration if you want to pay via a New Zealand bank account. **Recommended for New Zealand residents.

If you have Facebook and want to add this event to your calendar here, https://fb.me/e/2n9LunNuP

“I do not believe you’ll find a more authentic teacher than Anneliese. Driven by passion and all the feels of the world, she showed up every morning with wisdom and genuine curiosity. When I think back on the course, I feel joy. And I believe that to be because of Anneliese’s authentically expressed personality. She has deep knowledge of the body’s wisdom, and years of experience in her own form to add an antidote for each practice/pose. Anneliese doesn’t merely guide you through a ‘yoga flow,.’ She guides you back home, into the body’s intelligence” – Jessi Rose