Prana – Shakti

Welcome to life-force.

Opening my jaw wide, moving the skull plates, tapping my teeth and then breathing in deeply. What am I doing? Making way for more oxygen-rich breath to enter my body of course. Sit and watch. Now, what am I doing? Im using my interoception, the sense ability to observe the internal workings of the body to observe the state change that oxygen has on my physical system. This is the start of Prana Shakti a course designed to wake up the body and mind.

I have been studying these techniques for years and it’s time to share them with you. This course is short and accessible to everyone who wants to learn and experience the power of breath and other techniques to en vigour the respiratory system. That said this is not a breathing course, we do breathing yes, but this is more. It’s about cleansing the pathways that breath flows along, it’s about becoming aware of how the breath interacts with the world. It’s about becoming settled and able to observe your inner workings and it’s about feeling good.

We will study



-Chinese and Indian traditional cleansing techniques

-Nature connection



-Cardiovascular invigoration

All of this with a close and caring community of fun-loving explorers and me your hostess with mostess. I will guide you to places you’ve never been before and you will have fun.

What are the time commitments of Prana Shakti – Increasing the Mauri?

It’s my wish to make this as accessible to the busy lifestyles we live as possible so I have divided the content and married it into several components.

Online face-to-face meetings: let’s be straight up, keeping track is bloody hard and for this reason, I give you me online thirteen out of the fourteen days of the course. This helps you be inspired to show up and be accountable to yourself and the team.

Every weekday at 6:15 we hold a space for sitting on your mat and working through a fifteen-minute chanting session. You will learn more about why chanting is so good for the body and mind inside the course material, but for now, take my word for it… It’s important and fun. This 15-minute invitation to the mat can be a great set-up for you to follow up with the simple face, head and mouth exercises.

Self-directed mouth, face and head exercises: These are cleansing techniques that take no longer than 20 minutes depending on how deeply you want to go. They should be attended to every day of the course.

Cardiovascular invigoration and nature breathing: 5-7 days a week you are invited to increase your heart rate. This could be going for a walk and boosting your pace, skipping, walking stairs or running on the spot. This is a fifteen-minute practice and can be married to nature breathing if you walk in a nature-rich environment.

Nature breathing: This is a glorious practice and can be as long or short as you wish. It can also be done daily or in the time you have to access nature. There has been so much research on the benefits of being in nature and invigorating the relationship between our natural biome (our first line of immunity and disease prevention) and our relationship to the natural world. It is as simple as taking 10 deep belly breaths in nature.

Community calls and self-care rituals: We will meet three times during this course. In our first call, we will set up for the fourteen days, get familiar with the practice and introduce ourselves. The second and third calls will be a ritual of cleansing and self-care and sharing of our personal processes. This call is 1.5 hours depending and can run for 2 hours.

7:30 PM on 18 & 25 Sept Sunday evening.

10 AM on Saturday, October 1st.

I look forward to this pilot course. Come with me.

Prana Shakti – Life force 18th September

Join me as discover the cardio vascular system and play with increasing Mauri – Life force. This is pilot and will never be this price again. Get in on the ground floor. Remember if you sign up for the October cleanse you can sign up for this as a free add on!


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