Somatic Release Practice

The Somatic Release Process uses the technology of awareness to dissolve any held blockages in the body.  It’s profound.  In classical tantra, we say ‘All is burned up in the fire of awareness’. This is the bases of SRP, simply by observing sensation, we allow held traumas to safely move, dissolve or digest.  Sometimes things don’t digest, but by doing this process we make a map of what’s there.  It can take a few sessions to get it moving, but this can be as simple as making time to sit, quiet the mind and observe.  

Why guided is better. I often talk about my body university and it’s true, that this body is a vast playground of knowledge and information and yet it is easy to get lost in the Soma. The monkey mind can jump around all the exciting and interesting things present in this microcosm of the universe. A skilled guide can hold you in the space and keep your attention on the energy that needs to dissolve. That’s why it’s easier and more effective to have a guide.

THE OFFER: I want to work with you, I do. I want to see you dissolve your shit and get free.

This type of work is best when we can touch in, keep flushing and practice, practice, practice.

Do you feel a YES? Me too… a full body YES? Hell yes! Let’s keep it affordable so we can keep coming back.

My gift to the ‘HELL YES!’ among us.

5 x 35-minute sessions for $37 each, that’s a peanuts price of $185 for 5 sessions.

Add coaching with that? Ok! An hour session with me is usually $130, but again let’s do it for the people, lets’s go a 5 x 1-hour session including a 30-minute process plus coaching for $370. boom! lean in peeps and let’s do this!

Bookings ONLY TILL SEPTEMBER – But those that get in can be ‘grandfathered’ at this price. This means when I put my prices up, and I will put them up, you stay at the price you paid now.