Private classes are available in Laingholm as well as small groups.

Gather your friends and share the cost of a private class.  This is a great way to access one on one time with Anneliese.

4 thoughts on “Laingholm

    1. Hi Rebecca, classes are an hour and a half. A Koha is, as mentioned, anything you have that you think is a gift. I have been given wild flowers from the side of the road, hydrangeas, peaches, tomatoes, basil, even a box of cereal. But it could be anything, a photocopy of an inspiring quote, a voucher for a massage…ha ha i wish. Anything! (except plastic)
      I hope that clarifies.

    1. Im afraid im only doing private classes in Laingholm at present. Call me if you wish 8177344, we are in Victory Rd.

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