April / October Cleanse

Well done beautiful people you’re here! Your made it! Did you thought ‘Yes I deserve to do something for ME?‘ or maybe ‘Holy crap it’s time I started looking after myself?‘ or… are you more like ‘I need help to push through the old life patterns and this could be it?’ Well this is it! you are here, you are amazing and you now need to commit to the life you were born to live.

Want to know more? Have a snoop around the website or pop over to our cleanse page for more info.

Total cost of cleanse is $359 NZD With early bird prices available. Planned payments can be arranged, a deposit of $99 guarantees your place on the course. 2021 Is the only year it will be at this price.

THOSE WHO COME ON AND PAY THIS PRICE WILL BECOME FOUNDATION MEMBERS – A foundation member means you will only ever pay this price for life as long as you do one cleanse per year. Get on at the ground level and become a cleanse foundation member.

Please click here for payment options including COVID19 Price and Price Plans

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