Suryana Maskara

Suryana Maskara – Sun Salutaion,

“I rise to the call of the son of eastern suns,

inevitably the day has began,

its quarter to just right o’clock…”

I find my own sunsalutaion is a beautiful way to start any day, it should be fluid, kind and juicy.  Allow each round to be different, allow the body to soften, allow the heat to rise and burn off any unwanted dross.

There are so many variations out there, find one that suits you.  i have put a link to a video here, please not beginners should not attempt to move into these poses fully, experiment with baby steps firsts.

-Roll down the front of the body with spines curved rather than going to uttanasana with a neutral back.

-Step back and forward from lunges with small ‘walking meditation’ steps.

-Allow your dog to easy, moving the pelvis in circles, padding the heals up and down.


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